Present day

Currently the company has 36 buses, covering the potential demands of customers in type of transportation request (school, tours, companies, stag / a, long distances, etc.).

The current staff consists of 50 professionals divided into management, administrative, mechanics and drivers with a large majority of professionals belonging to the Valdes family, is what gives this company the familiar character so appreciated by our customers.

A little History

The origins of the current business date back to 1920 when Pedro Valdes Lopez, the founder, started in the world of freight.

Autocares Pedro Valdes e Hijos was founded in 1958 for 3 years after moving to Alicante and devote full passenger transport, gradually increasing its services and thus their fleet of coaches and staff, all directed by the four sons of the founder .

Today the company is run by the grandchildren and great grandchildren of the founder, third and fourth generation of the Valdés family.